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Meeting of the axis “Contemporary Spiritualties and Spiritual experiences"


On Thursday 14th December 2017 a meeting of the axis “Contemporary Spiritualties and Spiritual experiences" belonging to the Anthropology cluster, was held in Madrid (Los Negrales). Eckhard Frick SJ, from Germany (Hochschule für Philosophy), came to Madrid and participated in the III Interdisciplinary Seminar of the Science, Technology and Religion Chair of the Pontifical University of Comillas, in Los Negrales (in the province of Madrid). I

n the framework of this meeting, we have met some members of the axis "Contemporary Spiritualties and Spiritual experiences": its coordinator, Eckhard Frick and researchers of the Pontifical University of Comillas from Madrid: Pedro Castelao, Silvia Bara, Santiago García Mourelo and Carlos Blanco. They shared the lines of work and research in relation to the spiritual searches of the contemporary human being, in order to outline our contribution to the Congress of Anthropology planned by the Cluster for 2019: "Being Human in the 21st Century: Philosophical and Theological Challenges". They also agreed to hold a meeting (half face-to-face, half by Skype) on Friday morning, 26th October 2018, in Munich, before the Congress organized by Eckhard Frick:"Spirituelle Erfahrung in philosophischer Perspektive". Silvia Bara (From Comillas University) will also participate in the Congress.


What human being for the XXI Century

The HEST Anthropology Cluster meets at Centre Sèvres to reflect on big questions of our societies.

“What human being for the XXI Century?” A big question without an obvious answer! A group of anthropologist experts from several Jesuit European Institutions have decided to work together to do just that, namely, find an answer to this big question.

This collaboration is part of the Higher Education for Social Transformation Programme (HEST). Anthropology experts from 4 Jesuit higher education institutions gathered at Centre Sèvres on the 31st of March to find suitable topics that would allow them together and with a focus on what can really make a change in our societies and unite us better as Jesuit institutions.

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